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UK aims total “Police State” by Olympics


The British army is planning to position soldiers and surface-to-air missiles on top of a block of flats to prevent any airborne terror threat during this summer's Olympic Games.

Residents of the block in Bow in east London received a leaflet informing them up to 10 soldiers and police will be stationed at the building. The Ministry of Defence (MoD) leaflet says the missiles will only be fired as a last resort…pretty hard stuff don’t you think?

last resort:最後の手段

The Air Security Plan for the Olympic Games builds on the Royal Air Force's existing defence of UK airspace, which includes round-the-clock radar surveillance and Typhoon fighters held at high readiness every day of the year.

round-the-clock: いつも、常に
surveillance: 監視,見張り,監督

I bet you have all been led to believe that this very high tech security surrounding the London Olympics and the incredible police surveillance and military build-up is all in the name of making the Olympics a safe place...right?...sorry folks wrong!!

This over reactive aggressive force is simply the first phase of what will be common place here in the UK long after the Olympics have gone.

I suppose that you may also be led to believe that the Olympic Games is now possibly the most secure environment in the world...right?...wrong again!!...in actual fact it makes it possibly one of the most insecure places to be during the many events…why?

Because it will entail massive surveillance and intimidation of perfectly normal people who live in and visit London. It will not display to the general public an air of great respect and calmness but rather will resemble a war zone on high alert.

entail:〈労力・出費などを〉かからせる,課する 〔on,upon〕
resemble: 〔…において〕〈…に〉似ている

Is this the face we British want to show our visitors from overseas of pure brute force, fully armed police and military everywhere, overhead surveillance, massive back up along the river Thames and not forgetting the missile units atop tall building in the general area?

overhead: 頭上の

Do you really believe that a terrorist plot or threat exists from such groups as the nonexistent Al-Qaeda?

Do you really believe that the missile systems are really necessary when the UK already has in place early warning and self-defence systems as well as aircraft on standby to scramble at a moments notice to intercept any such adversaries!!

intercept:【陸海軍, 軍事】〈敵機などを〉迎撃する,要撃する.
adversary: 反対する人,敵; (競技などの)相手

Could we actually see some major incident at either the Olympic Stadium or at the O2-Milanium Dome? Whatever transpires it certainly will not be some far away Islamic group but will again be another “False Flag.”


Another possibility could be an attack on a US base in the Persian Gulf or the USS Enterprise for two very good reasons: 1- Get rid of the problem of retiring the vessel and associated clean. 2- Create a major incident to justify an all out attack on Syria, Iran or both.


Let’s just take a look at the extent of the combined Military and Police security:

Additional forces are being used to ensure the safety of the Olympics, as part of the Ministry of Defence's role to ensure safe and secure Games this summer. These include RAF Puma aircraft - together with Royal Navy and Army Lynx helicopters - carrying teams of RAF Regiment snipers to intercept aircraft in restricted airspace, and airborne surveillance aircraft including Royal Navy Sea King Airborne Surveillance and Control helicopters and RAF E-3D Sentry aircraft.

regiment:【陸海軍, 軍事】 連隊
sentry: 歩哨,哨兵; 見張り番

On the ground, the RAF is providing additional mobile ground radar systems, while the Army is deploying air observers and Rapier and Starstreak missile systems, which also provide additional detection capability.


"Whilst there is no specific threat to the Games (you bet there isn’t), we have to be ready for whatever occurs and play our part in what will be a safe and secure Olympics for all to enjoy,” said Air Commodore Gary Waterfall, the Deputy Air Component Commander.

whilst:(〜する)間に, 一方では
commodore:【海軍】 准将,代将

"Our multi-layered security plan means that we have a range of responses available to us, ensuring we can deal appropriately with anything from redirecting an aircraft that may have strayed into restricted airspace, to preventing an attack."…Not sure that he means by redirecting…. “Taking out”?

stray: a〔場所から〕離れる,はぐれる 〔from〕 b〔…に〕迷い込む 〔into〕

The river Thames will be a hive of activity with the Royal Navy, Royal Marines and the Metropolitan Police's Marine Policing Unit carrying out many exercises building up to the Olympics and on a very high state of redness once the games begin. One cannot rule out the possible use of drones!


The MoD contribution to Olympics security will include specialist capabilities which only the military can provide, as well as some general support. In total, the MOD expects to provide up to 13,500 personnel.

On the Police side the measures are unbelievable on both the River Thames and within the City of London with an incredible army of private security companies.

The original requirement was for around 10,000 security guards but that has ballooned out to 23,500 with additional costs being around £271million (the main contract being G4S).

Richard Bacon MP said the new G4S budget had increased well beyond reasonable expectations. “G4S’s costs for programme management had risen from £7?million to £60?million, and operating expenses from £3?million to £65?million.

My observation on the growth and expansion of G4S in this country almost bears a resemblance to a “Para Military” company. Whilst in Latin America I observed the presence of G4S (around such places as the US Embassy) and they were much better equipped than the highly armed local police.

resemblance: [具体的には 【可算名詞】] 類似,似ていること 〔between,to〕.

Obviously security is extremely good business and certainly a very good way of siphoning money out of the tax payers coffers…G4S is run by Lord Paul Leslie Condon who was previously and very controversially Head of the Metropolitan Police.

siphon:〈収入・利益などを〉吸い上げる,吸収する 〈off〉.
coffer: (銀行などの)金庫; 財源.

It was this same man who was accused by Al Fayed of deliberately withholding evidence from the French inquiry into the death of the Princess Diana. His term in office was plagued with suggestions of being a racist etc.


My associate Gordon Bowden has suggested that if Lord Condon also so happens to be Paul Condon, Director of Electromaster Telecommunications Ltd of 788-790 Finchley Road London then one should be looking deeper into this business!!

A 5,000-VOLT, 11 miles, 12ft electric fence around the site will soon be switched on to help protect it from terrorists with infrared CCTV cameras at 25-yard intervals. The amount set aside to create “Fortress Olympics” is an amazing £1billion.

infrared: 赤外線の.

According to experts “the greatest fear is international terrorism” and added that planning would be made assuming a threat of “severe”.


Additional measures could include a new class of Type 45 destroyer anchored in the Thames estuary to guard against a 9/11-style attack.

anchor:錨を下ろす; 〈船が〉停泊する.
estuary: (潮の入ってくる川の)河口.

Its anti-air weapon systems would be able to shoot down any hijacked aircraft flying towards the Olympic park and its communication system could act as a back-up to any failure of the capital’s radio network as a result of an attack.

Being an aviation consultant myself I would ask “Is the purpose of having missiles on top of large apartment blocks to stop a possible hijacked airliner from crashing into or near the Olympic Arena”? My second question would be “What devastation do you think would take place if they took out an aircraft with such a missile over central London”…this concept is absolutely flawed!!

aviation: 飛行,航空; 飛行[航空]術.

Lord Carlisle a government’s independent reviewer of anti-terror laws said, “Having a frigate in the Thames is an extremely good idea”. Sources also believe unmanned Reaper robot drones, such as those in use in Afghanistan, will be flown in 2012 for surveillance…come on guys stop all this bullshit and admit this is all about spreading the “False War against Terrorism” it all about “Spreading Islamophobia Hysteria” throughout this country and finally to implement stronger laws to make this country a police state.

implement: 実現する; 実行する

The final word has to come from the US President Obama when he addressed the people of America from an airbase in Afghanistan, saying, "the dark cloud of war" is almost over and that his administration is on course to destroy Al-Qaeda. The report went on to say: on the anniversary of Osama bin Laden's death, he insisted, "We can see the light of a new day on the horizon."…that light was from the car bomb that exploded where the President had been one hour earlier!!

"The goal that I set to defeat Al-Qaeda and deny it a chance to rebuild is now within our reach."…well Mr. President I have to remind you of two very import facts:

First, Bin Laden did not die one year ago but died in the Military Hospital in Rawalpindi on December 14th 2001 after a long complicated illness that had made him almost paralysed down his left side. His death, funeral announcements and will were made very public including comments by the President of Pakistan, the Pakistani and Egyptian Media and his second in command.

Second, the end of Al-Qaeda can happen anytime you so wish because this group has never existed. It is a group that your government invented to create mass hysteria after your government, CIA, Mosad took down the twin towers (9/11) to help you continue your non existent “War on Terror”…Yes Mr. President you can shut down this fictitious organization anytime and again claim the glory for yet another inside job!!!...I bet you will not tell your people how you assassinated all those navy seals that took part in that non existent event one year ago…..shame on you sir!

Oh and by the way he gave no reference to the Taliban who always have and continue to rule the entire country…basically Mr. President your war was not only totally and utterly illegal but achieved absolutely nothing!!



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